Zhu Xian 5 _ Xiao Ding _ txt Novel Paradise

With a smile, Dharma Xiang took a few steps forward and came to the top of the cliff. Looking back, he said, "Here it is." Gui Li walked to his side, stood on the cliff, looked up, only to see the fog under the cliff, such as rolling waves, surging, like a valley.

With a smile, Dharma Xiang took a few steps forward and came to the top of the cliff. Looking back, he said, "Here it is." Gui Li walked to his side, stood on the cliff, looked up, only to see the fog under the cliff, such as rolling waves, surging, like a valley. In the distance, there are vague mountain shadows, but they are all in very distant places. The ghost thought intently. "Is it in this valley?" He asked the Dharma minister. "It's at your feet and mine," said Dharma with a smile. Gui Li was stunned. "Let's go down," he said with a smile. Said to jump down, Fa Shan also immediately followed, ghost Li stood on the cliff, pondered for a moment, also jumped down. Devouring soul in the fog, flashing black blue light, slowly enveloped the ghost Li, protecting him, slowly falling. The fog here seems to be a little strange, it seems to be thick but not thick, just like silk entangled together, let the mountain wind blow, also do not see the appearance of half dispersed. In the process of falling, the ghost looked at the mountain wall, but only saw a white fog in front of him, which could not be seen. Surprised and suspicious, he urged the devouring soul to approach the mountain wall, only to see pieces of fog spread like clouds and slide out to both sides in front of his eyes. At the moment of his concentration,plastic trash bins, he suddenly saw a figure in front of him. With a shock in his heart, the ghost Li hurriedly stopped his figure and looked intently, but this surprise was no small matter, only to see that in front of him stood a ghost Li who was the same as himself, looking at himself with a surprised face. The man's eyes were deep, his face had the color of vicissitudes of life, and he was also holding a soul-eating magic wand at hand. Just when the ghost was shocked, suddenly there was a sound of Sanskrit singing from the sky, like a sinking bell and an evening drum, which echoed heavily in his ears. With the sound of Sanskrit singing, a solemn force rose from the unknown boundary at the foot of the sky in an instant,plastic pallet box, like a huge stream of waves through the sky, and the surrounding fog immediately swept over, engulfing the figure, and disappeared in a moment. Gui Li felt a pain in his heart, and the cold air in his body did not urge him to act automatically, as if he was extremely repelled by this Buddhist spirit, and he resisted it by himself. Stunned, Gui Li felt that in addition to the demon power that was ready to move from the blood-eating beads, it seemed that under the influence of the Buddhist spirit here, the Great Brahma Prajna, who practiced himself, was also unwilling to jump up, but wanted to compete with the blood-eating beads demon power. Not yet, there is such a huge change in the body, the gas of the boundary here, really incredible. Gui Li was so shocked that he forgot for a moment the strange figure he had just seen in the fog. He just urged himself to cultivate himself, protect his heart, and slowly fell down. Soon, the fog gradually thinned, and the scenery at his feet suddenly became clear. It was a small stone platform, quite smooth, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic wheelie bins, surrounded by a radius of thirty feet, with sparse trees, and surrounded by dozens of monks of Tianyin Temple. Although it seems that these monks are sitting far or near, there is no regular order, but it seems to imply a secret principle, the light of Buddha's power flows among them, but it is a faint formation. Gui Li looked at it carefully again, and suddenly felt that it looked familiar. After thinking about it carefully, he remembered that it was an ancient and clumsy font, the appearance of the Buddhist mantra. Gui Li soon fell to the ground. Looking around, he saw that both Fa Xiang and Fa Shan were already sitting among the monks. They folded their hands in silence, lowered their eyebrows, and did not look at him again. And at the head of all the monks, it was Master Puhong, the abbot of Tianyin Temple, who was sitting on his left. Gui Li had also seen him. He was the monk Pufang who had shown great power on Qingyun Mountain that day. It was a monk sitting on the lower right of Master Puhong who looked rather strange. Gui Li had never seen him before, but his face was haggard and yellow, as if he were the complexion of a dying man, and his old appearance was far better than Master Puhong's. Only do not know who this is, but to be able to sit on an equal footing with Puhong and Pufang, the two great monks, is obviously a great figure in Tianyin Temple. Without saying much, Gui Li bowed his head and saluted the Venerable Master Puhong. The Venerable Master Puhong returned the salute and said with a smile, "The little benefactor is here." Gui Li nodded and said, "Yes, but I don't know what Master Abbot wants me to do." Master Puhong pointed to the platform and said, "Nothing else. The little benefactor just needs to sit on the stone platform and meditate for a few days.". ” Gui Li nodded, looked back at the stone platform, and then looked around, only to see the thick fog overhead, but where is the legendary wordless jade wall? "Master Abbot," he asked, "where is the jade wall without words?" Master Puhong said with a smile, "The little benefactor will be able to see it in a moment." Gui Li was stunned, nodded, turned around and was about to sit on the stone platform. Suddenly, there was a faint roar in the sky, like the wind, like a beast howling, coming through the clouds and fog. Then a bunch of dazzling light tore a crack in the thick fog and shot down, shining on Gui Li. Gui Li stepped back and looked up, only to see the strange sound rumbling between the valleys, like running thunder, the sea of thick fog suddenly rose waves, from the original gentle surge to huge waves, waves ups and downs, then more and more gaps appeared, the fog became thinner and thinner, revealing one after another, one after another. In the face of this vision of heaven and earth, the ghost watched for a long time, only to see the thick fog finally drifted away, shining down, instantly a dazzling light of heaven and earth, unexpectedly so that everyone can not see. After a while, it gradually eased down. When Gui Li opened his eyes again, his body shook and he saw the legendary wordless jade wall. Just in front of him, behind the small stone platform, under the cliff, a cliff like a mirror, was hanging straight down, more than seven Zhangs high and more than four Zhangs wide. The material of the mountain wall was like jade but not jade, smooth and incomparable, reflecting the beautiful scenery of heaven and earth. The mountains far and near were all in this jade wall. But Gui Li and the monks of Tianyin Temple are as insignificant as ants under this precipice. Compared with the creation of heaven and earth, man is so small! The ghost was silent for a long time. Without saying a word, he went to the platform and sat down cross-legged. He stopped looking at the people around him, took a deep breath,plastic pallet bin, closed his eyes, and sat motionless. Master Puhong looked at Gui Li for a long time, then turned his head to look at the monks behind him and nodded. cnplasticpallet.com


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