Sick Girl Jumps Repeatedly on the Edge of Death for the Strategy [wear the book]

Xicui didn't either, but came a little closer to him. As soon as he sat down, Wei Tansheng took her hand. Xicui looked up, his expression was calm, and his fingers held her cold fingertips tightly.

Xicui didn't either, but came a little closer to him. As soon as he sat down, Wei Tansheng took her hand. Xicui looked up, his expression was calm, and his fingers held her cold fingertips tightly. After all, he was a man, and his hands were so big that he easily wrapped her palms in them. Xicui moved her fingertips without resistance. The two of them were sitting close to each other, and as soon as she approached them, they were even closer. The smell of sandalwood on his body was now scattered by the cold wind outside the cave and twisted in midair. She did not think that she and Wei Tansheng held hands for the first time because of this, but also in this case. Plain and seems reasonable. Hands clasped, really gave birth to a little warmth. Xicui lowered her eyes to look at the back of his hand. His hands were still oozing blood, and the bloody wounds looked shocking. As if aware of what she wanted to ask, the young man beside her said lightly, "It doesn't hurt." "It's you," Wei Tansheng looked at her. "Did you hurt anything?" Xicui shook her head and asked, "I'm fine. How are you?" There were only scratches on her body, which were minor injuries that could be ignored. But Wei Tansheng is not the same, before jumping out of the car, he first protected her, and then protected her all the way down. He had an old wound on his leg, and Xicui was a little worried. She was relieved by Wei Tansheng's answer. I'm fine. Xicui was silent. I don't know why, Wei Tansheng has given her a strange feeling since he woke up. It seems that something is different. I can't say exactly where it is different. He didn't talk much, or even smile much. Also pardonable, in this kind of predicament still can carry a smile not to collapse, that is shortsighted. As usual, he had a smile on his lips, as elusive as his people. Now do not smile, clear blue eyes seem to contain a heavy mood, more people do not understand. Looking at her eyes, it was like a fire burning, and the flames were devouring her hair from beginning to end. Under this kind of vision, Xicui bowed her head because she was uncomfortable. The girl's hand was very small,wire nail making machine, wrapped in the palm of her hand, like a small cool snow ball, which made his hand more and more hot, like fire, melting the snow and turning it into snow water. Strands of the infiltration of his heart, slightly cool, inexplicable touch. Even Wei Tansheng himself could not tell what was going on with this inexplicable feeling. Not only were his hands hot, but his whole body was hot, followed by a surge of irritability in his heart. This is a feeling that he has rarely had in more than 20 years. The young man lowered his eyes with cold light. For a moment, there was a violent and murderous desire in his heart. He has rarely killed since he became a Zen master. First, he did not want to be driven by this desire, and second, it was dirty and too troublesome to deal with. Her hands are soft. As long as he exerted himself, she would cry out in pain. Not only did it hurt, but he wanted to break it inch by inch. But when he looked into her black and white eyes again, the uneasiness and mania whistling in his chest suddenly and strangely calmed down. He closed his eyes and did not look at her, Automatic nail machine ,Nail Making Machine price, as if he were meditating in the past. However, as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw her in the car, trying to stabilize her balance, trembling to climb over and insist on holding the reins with him. She was so weak and clumsy that she could hardly pull the rope, and her palms were worn red, but she kept silent. When the horse ran away, his first reaction was to see her first. She was still his wife, a sick woman, and there was no deep hatred between him and her, and he wanted to see her die. But it's not like him. This shouldn't be him. In his eyes, both men and women, young and old, are a skin, those old people, children and women, for him, there is no difference. He doesn't care about the so-called caring for the old and caring for the young. Not to mention that because the other party is a little weak, we should take care of him a little more. They are all human beings, struggling in the bitter sea of seven emotions and six desires. It was enough for him to stand on the shore and watch coldly. Watching them go up and down, their good or bad feelings, had nothing to do with him. Sometimes, the water would splash on his face and make him feel a little joy, anger, sorrow and joy. But he was soon able to wipe himself clean and keep looking at them. Give joy for kindness, pull out suffering for sorrow. Their suffering made him happy, and when he was happy, he was able to sit down and preach to them and save them from the endless sea of suffering. But it's different now. It was as if a hand had clasped his ankle and tried to drag him into the water. He was just dragged into the water. Those unknown strange feelings, like a wave, blow on the face. Trying to get rid of the irritability in his heart, Wei Tansheng closed his eyes again. But as soon as I close my eyes, those pictures are like distorted ghosts, drilling into my mind one after another. What he saw in front of him. It was the narrow shoulders that were covered with snow. She clenched her teeth and trembled behind his back. His fragile body seemed to be able to collapse under his pressure immediately. She refused to let go, ate a mouthful of snow, still step by step forward. Why on earth is that? Why are all the people he meets so self-righteous. The mountain bandit is like this, and so is she. You'd think he'd be grateful, wouldn't you? Wei Tansheng's cold right hand pinched the beads tightly, one by one. One hand, however, was gradually warmed by the temperature. Snowflakes blew from the outside of the cave, whirled into the air, floated high, and floated all the way to the side of the road. On the road, the car frame is scattered, and there is a mess. There, there are dozens of mountain bandits chasing along the way, like wolves and tigers. The leader was squatting on the ground, looking at the ruts and the footprints of the horse. The ruts are covered with horseshoe prints, and the horseshoe prints are covered with ruts in a mess. Further on, the ruts are gone, but the horse's hoof prints are still there. The man looked at the hillside beside the road, straightened up and ordered a pair of people to continue to move forward,Automatic Nail Making Machine, while the other group followed him down the slope. The man clenched the sword on the side of his waist, pulled out a cold arc at the corners of his mouth, and the slightly exposed teeth were like white fangs.


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