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The beast didn't touch his head. After thinking about it, he said, "I'd better not. It should be all right if there is a ghost girl." Then they sighed together, only Dazhuang looked at them with confused eyes.

The beast didn't touch his head. After thinking about it, he said, "I'd better not. It should be all right if there is a ghost girl." Then they sighed together, only Dazhuang looked at them with confused eyes. Why are you following me? The flower protector looked at the thief all over the world and asked in puzzlement. No, I just want to take a walk, too. Roll your eyes. "Then you scatter yours and I scatter mine. Don't follow." Then he walked on. Behind the thief all over the world still follow. After walking for a while, the escort stopped again and turned to look at a woman: "I said, what do you want to do?"? Do you like me and want to have a walk with me? "You can say what you want to say, and the place is not yours.". I can go as I please. Escort speechless, as someone does not exist, aimlessly walking forward, slowly out of the city. Of course, the tail is still there. Aunt, I'm convinced. What are you going to do? Make it clear. My younger brother can also give me some advice. Two people are facing each other, looking at the helpless expression of the flower protector, stealing all over the world: "You hit me, I will not fight back." This word almost lets protect a flower emissary to fall to the ground, stabilize a body, ask helplessly: "What do you mean after all?" Looking at the flower protector all over the world, he looked a little lonely. "I never found it. If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have said that to Susu. I'm sorry." The escort twitched, and he still didn't understand what it meant. I always thought you were just friends with Susu, so when I knew that she and the shadow boss were really together, I offered to let them get married in the game. I was very excited, but then Xiaojin told me that you like Susu, I feel very sorry, I'm sorry, I really don't know. The thief is silent all over the world, and the flower protector is also silent. With a sigh and a cynical expression on his face, the flower protector looked into the distance and asked lightly, "Did Jinse tell you that?" "Well, it seems that the big beast boss has known it for a long time." Weakly added. Is my performance obvious? No, I always thought I had a good cover. The escort said to himself. You cover up very well, but Jinse and the big beast boss are more careful,naringenin price, and it's not surprising to find out. Nymphomaniac, I'm really sorry. I feel sour in my heart when I steal all over the world. Now that they both know, the dead man's face should also be aware of it. No wonder he sometimes guards against me like a thief. I thought he didn't like me. But it's not pleasing to the eye, is it? After whispering, he turned to look at the thief and said, "It has nothing to do with you. They are already together. It doesn't make any difference whether they get married or not in the game. Besides, even if they don't get married, I can't get in.". All right, little sister, don't take responsibility for yourself blindly. Go back and play with them. I'll walk again. Then ignore the cry of stealing all over the world, and put on the kind of expression that is not flat and began to walk aimlessly. Stealing all over the world originally wanted to keep up, but the expression of the flower protector seemed to really want to be quiet, wandering a few steps, did not follow up, but also did not go, hanging in the back. However, the escort did not walk a few steps, best green coffee bean extract ,lutein eye complex, he saw a very familiar figure looking at him not far ahead. Eyes a narrow, slowly walked up, raised his right hand waved, leisurely said: "Yo, back, why not go to the small lake that, here what?" Looks like he just got back, and then he saw him. The shadow looked at him and said, "Let's fight." It's all right if you don't say this. As soon as you finish, the escort's face is not enough to play. He put it all away. His expression is a little bloodthirsty. He said coldly, "Then I'm not polite." The thieves who caught up with him saw the shadow and the flower protector fighting all over the world. They panicked and did not know what to do. Open the information bar and ask Jinse for help. Xiaojin, the shadow boss and the nymphomaniac are fighting. What should I do? After more than ten seconds, there was an echo, "As long as there is no human life, let them go." After seeing this reply, I stole all over the world for a few seconds, and then sat on the ground, watching PK. Escort and shadow two people who do not let each other, skill brush brush on the outside. Originally because of a long time not on the line and the escort gap is a little big shadow, these days do not know what to do, now the strength of the attack gap is not very big. Unless the escort really wants him dead, he can handle it. After more than ten minutes, the war continued, but under the black line of stealing all over the world, it has changed from skill PK to hand-to-hand combat. The archer and the assassin's slayer fight hand-to-hand, and their strength is a little bit equal. Speaking of two people from the beginning is to protect the flower messenger desperately attack, and the shadow tightly closed, it can be said to use all the strength in the fight. Now, the physical strength of the two men should be almost gone, and it is very difficult to raise their hands and punch. The shadow was on guard, suddenly gave the escort a heavy punch in the chest, the person who was beaten flew out, fell to the ground and could not move, could only breathe hard, and the shadow was no better, his forehead was covered with sweat, and he was bending over to breathe desperately. Passed for a long time, be in steal all over the world when be embarrassed to want to go, protect a flower messenger to open a mouth, "you can be good to her certainly?" "Well, I will love her with my life." The shadow left, and the flower protector was still lying on the ground. He went all over the world and squatted beside him. "Are you all right?" He asked. The escort smiled, and the expression on his face looked much more relaxed than when he was still at the grocery store. I didn't even hit him, and he punched me in the end. It was really hateful. The heart is a little bitter, shadow this guy, really let a person want to hate also hate up. I used to think that the shadow was guarding against him, but in fact, on the other hand, he was also afraid that he would fall too deep and could not extricate himself in the end, and that he would suffer in the end. Although you feel uncomfortable now, it is not painful to regard it as a bitter first love. The eyes are wet, and the shadowy thoughtfulness is really unbearable. Looked at a steal all over the world suddenly said: "I suddenly found you this person is also very good, we do not want to try?" The answer of stealing all over the world is very simple. He put his fist on his head and went down. He stood up, ready to go,phycocyanin spirulina, and when he stepped out, he said, "I'm not a substitute." 。


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