Drunken Flower Room

Yan Niang Niang confirmed that the little master had fallen asleep. She said anxiously, "Third Master is either resting in the study or resting with Aunt Bi.

Yan Niang Niang confirmed that the little master had fallen asleep. She said anxiously, "Third Master is either resting in the study or resting with Aunt Bi. You were in confinement before, but now you are out of confinement. How can Madam let Aunt Bi occupy Third Master again?" Yan Shi raised her eyes and looked at the wet nurse who only needed to peel out a loyal heart for her to see. The wet nurse herself had not raised a pair of children, and her heart was almost the same as her birth mother's, but she was doomed to disappoint the wet nurse. She asked the servant girl to take her son to the side room. When there were only two people left in the room, Yan's cold voice rang out: "Third Master and I have been like this all our lives. The nurse doesn't have to bother to pay attention to who Third Master dotes on in the future." With a legitimate son, they no longer have to continue to reluctantly sleep together, for both of them are free! Nanny Yan vaguely understood, but the birth of the young master made her fantasize: "What do you mean by that? You are the wife of the third Master Ming. How can you let a cheap concubine climb on your head?" Seeing that Lady Yan was unmoved, Lady Yan knelt down and sobbed, "Madam, even if you don't think about it for yourself, you should think about it for the young master.". You and the third Master are like this. What about the young master? If you don't fight for yourself, don't you fight for the young master? "The emperor is the emperor, and the common people are the common people. He will not be confused.". Besides, there are princes and princesses in this house! Yan Shi said indifferently. The two old people were strong enough to wait until her son grew up, and the Yan family in Yongzhou was not a decoration. Nanny Yan burst into tears and said, "Madam, why should you deceive yourself and others? Even if there are rules and elders, is the difference between a mother who is favored and a mother who is not favored really not clear to Madam?"? Third Master is wise again, but the heart is long, ten or twenty years,14 tube fitting, how can this heart not be biased ah! Yan's body suddenly stiffened. Yes, she didn't understand. Can give birth to a legitimate son with him, already is the acme that she can accomplish, it is not the bottom line of Jiang Rong, loving husband and wife, she is not willing, he disdains. Nanny Yan, aware of her stiffness,brass tube fitting, lowered her voice and said, "The old slave knows that his wife still can't let go of General Cheng, but the dead have passed away. General Cheng loves his wife the most. If he knows that his wife has ruined himself for him, I'm afraid he won't have peace in his grave." The dead are gone! Yan Shi's heart pricked and trembled with pain. Cheng Su died and Jiang Rong killed him. She and Cheng Su have always been in love, since his engagement, she and Cheng Su made a clean break, but Jiang Rong still killed him! Why would he kill him! Yan Niang Niang noticed the sadness that filled her body, and her heart ached. General Cheng's father was the master's bodyguard. He died in order to save the master, leaving only this son. He was adopted by the master and carefully cultivated. His ability was no worse than that of the serious young master of the Yan family. He went to the battlefield at the age of fourteen and worshipped at the age of twenty-two. General Cheng was eight years older than his wife. He had been obedient to her since he was a child. The master wanted to betroth her to General Cheng. But Mrs. Yan did not agree. She felt that General Cheng's life was tough. She felt that he came from a humble background and that it was too dangerous to fight in the east and west. Later, Prince Ji came to ask for marriage, and the third master of Prince Ji compared with General Cheng. The Yan family naturally chose Third Master Jiang, and General Cheng was assassinated two years later. Madame has become this cold appearance! She was such a gentle and gentle girl in those days. Mrs. Yan has long regretted it, but what's the use of regretting it again. "Madam," said Nanny Yan in a mournful voice, "you are weak for a woman and strong for a mother. You are not alone now. You still have a young master to take care of. He is so lovely. He is still so young.." "Say no more!"! Mammy! Don't say any more. Yan Shi closed his eyes and two lines of tears fell from the corner of his eyes: "It's not as simple as you think between me and him." How complicated is that? With her wife's talent and appearance, as long as she is willing to lower her stature to please, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,needle valve manufacturer, there is no place for Aunt Bi to stand. Nanny Yan wanted to persuade her again, but looking at her face full of water, she dared not say anything. "Don't say anything, old slave," she sobbed. "Don't cry, madam!"! Don't cry! # The next day, Princess Ji caught a glimpse of Tianxuan's bloodshot eyes and sighed faintly. When she came out of the old toffee, Princess Ji sent her back to rest. After Tianxuan went back, she wanted to call the steward together, but she hadn't seen anyone yet. However, she went back to Liubo Courtyard and lay down for a while and couldn't get up. She could only move the trip to the afternoon. She took off her makeup and went to bed to rest. She also said, "If I overslept, don't wake me up at noon." Jiang Zheng went to the Yamen, she did not have to accompany the elders to eat, anyway, at noon is a person to eat, do not care about missing the time. As a result, Jiang Zheng, who had rushed back from the government office for lunch, found that Tianxuan was still sleeping, preventing the grain rain that wanted to wake her up. Jiang Zheng put light movements, walked to the bedside, fingers on her fundus blue caress, last night in the end too much. She bent over and kissed her on the lips, tasted it, tucked in the corner of the quilt for her, and looked at Jiang Zheng for a while before leaving. Will be walking to the door, Jiang Zheng heard behind the movement of Suo Suo, turned around. Tianxuan opened his eyes in a daze and looked at him in a confused way. With a smile in his eyes, Jiang Zheng circled back and said, "Are you awake? Have you had enough sleep?" As he spoke, he sat up at the head of the bed and half leaned on his chest. Tianxuan covered her mouth and yawned, tears oozing from the corners of her eyes, and her voice was still sleepy: "No, I woke up hungry!" "I just had a bowl of porridge in the morning, so I'm naturally hungry!" Jiang Zheng stretched out his hand to wipe away his tears: "Eat more later, and then sleep after eating. It's not urgent to see the steward tomorrow." "Why are you back?" Asked Tianxuan, who had yawned a little more soberly. "Come back and have lunch with you." Jiang Zhengdao. Eyebrows and eyes are full of smiles, sweet ripples in the heart lake, Tianxuan is in a good mood, the corners of the mouth can not help but turn up. After tidying up a little, Jiang Zheng took her to the side hall for dinner, and then took her for a walk in the yard to digest. After a while, Tianxuan urged him, "Go to the Yamen." It's not good to go late. Jiang Zheng bent slightly, looked at her sideways, and raised a smile at the corners of his mouth. Touching his meaningful eyes, Tianxuan's heart jumped, and eventually he endured shame on his left cheek,ball valve manufacturer, leaving a gentle kiss. As soon as Jiang Zheng's long arm caught him, he hugged the man who wanted to retreat and gave her a deep kiss. Finally, he lingered on her soft and delicate cheek: "Tell you a good news. I have to go to the barracks later!" 。 chinaroke.com


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