Pouring imperial concubine

Listening to the sound of the harp at its climax, I turned my sleeves and raised my head to sprinkle between heaven and earth.

Listening to the sound of the harp at its climax, I turned my sleeves and raised my head to sprinkle between heaven and earth. I threw out the red water chestnut hidden in my sleeves and successfully wrapped it around the pillar of the top beam right above the hall. The two water chestnuts were intertwined. The slender hand clenches tightly, congeals the gas above the Dantian, borrows the strength to go up, leaps in the air. Waist posture is back to dance, spin gently swing, like swan geese flying, walking in the clouds, as light as geese, floating skirt scattered with the wind and dance. I felt like a fairy floating in the dust, but when I heard the sound of the harp, I stopped. I wrapped the red water chestnut three times with one hand and buckled it four times with one foot. When the sound of the harp reached the end of the sky, I whirled sideways, dancing nine times in a row in the air, sweeping away like a strong wind. This is the highest realm of the Phoenix Dance in the Nine Days-the Nine Spiral Dance. Volume 2 Gold Cup Lian Yan Xiao Han Makeup Chapter 117: Phoenix Dance Shakes Nine Nights (3) When I ran out of strength and landed leisurely, ending the dance with the posture of a phoenix spreading its wings, no one cheered and there was silence around me. I stole a glance around the people who were staring at me, and finally took a look at the blessing right above me. By this time he had left his seat and stared at me in amazement, his eyes flashing with inexplicable heartache, and my eyes were quietly covered with a layer of moisture. He suddenly stepped towards me, but there was a man who was faster than him. His arrows flashed in front of me and pulled the veil off my face. It was Liancheng. The initial excitement in his eyes turned to dim, and the pain in his prayer eyes suddenly dissipated, and his eyebrows were deep and indifferent,precision welded tubes, looking at me. Your Majesty, I have an unkind request. Liancheng suddenly took my hand and looked back to pray, "I want this woman." Pray for Dan Guan to smile. "Do you want my woman?" He walked down the golden steps to my side and pulled me into his arms. At the same time, Liancheng loosened his grip on my hand. Leaning in the arms of blessing, I froze completely, and this familiar feeling spread all over my body in an instant, how I wanted to live in his generous and warm arms forever. Is she the emperor's concubine? Liancheng frowned deeply, and the color of surprise flashed by. Of course,aluminium coated steel tube, she is my Xue Jieyu. The blessed arm pressed me into his arms with some strength to show his possession, and his eyes were firm and unshakable. Liancheng took a deep look at me, smiled bitterly, and softened his expression. "Forgive me for being abrupt." Pray for Guanyu's gentle face with a faint smile of spring breeze, only I can see that his smiling eyes imply a trace of cold and solemn coldness. My beloved concubine's dancing posture is absolutely beautiful, which inevitably attracts Yu Guo, who has always been calm and self-restrained, to take the initiative. Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at me, his eyes were suddenly cold, and my palms were covered with cold sweat because of his eyes. The immeasurable feeling made me dare not move. I'm tired. Go back to the bedroom first, and you can continue. He suddenly gathered up what he had just done and said with a leisurely smile. Without waiting for the public to reflect, he held my palm tightly and left the Hall of Mental Cultivation in full view of the public. Outside, the winter snow had not melted, and a vast expanse of whiteness enveloped the palace walls, pavilions, side impact door beams ,impact beam tubes, broken branches and stone steps. I was wearing thin clothes, and the cold wind blew up my light gauze and silk clothes, flying and elegant. Not aware of the cold, just because my hand is always blessed by the thick and warm hand clasped in it, my smile has been hanging on my face, covering up how much loss only I know. There is no trace on the snow, and the red dress is barefoot. A whisper called back my thoughts, looking at the prayer that suddenly stopped its pace and looked back at me. I hesitated for a moment before I realized that I was standing barefoot in the snow without knowing it. The cold feeling spread all over my body. Finally, I realized the cold feeling and could not help shivering. He suddenly let go of my hand, a thick sense of loss and emptiness arose spontaneously, but saw him bow and embrace me across the waist, I hung in the air for a while, my hand kept hooking his neck, staring at him in astonishment, at a loss. He looked quiet and thoughtful. "How could it be." So much alike. The tone of indifference made the voice particularly long and long, as if it contained infinite confusion. Volume 2 Gold Cup Lian Yan Xiao Han Makeup Chapter 118: Phoenix Dance Shakes Nine Nights (4) I hesitated for a moment and thought about the meaning. I had mixed feelings. It was hard to distinguish them for a while. I could only curl up in his arms and enjoy the warmth that belonged to me at this moment. Even the tears crossed me quietly. He lowered his head and gazed at me deeply. "Why did you cry?" I did not speak, but slowly closed his eyes, but heard his low voice overhead, "No matter who you were before, from this moment on, you are my woman." His voice was full of forbearance and warning. I knew in my heart that he still regarded me as a spy sent by the praying star. He was still alert to me. Pray for.. I murmured, suddenly feeling his footsteps in place, his body stiffened for a moment, but immediately eased down and continued to move forward. How I want to tell him that I am Fuya, the one you hold in your arms is Fuya! My heart is filled with sadness, really beating my heart, listening to his steady and strong heartbeat, my mind is blank. When I woke up again, I realized that I had fallen asleep in the arms of prayer, but now I was lying quietly on the emperor's dragon bed. I suddenly jumped up and faced the puzzling eyes of prayer who was reading the memorial on the dragon table on the right side. He laughed and said, "You're awake." Embarrassed, I moved my whole body out of bed, but saw him coming towards me, with his hands on both sides of me, half squatting and looking at me sitting on the edge of the bed, I swallowed a mouthful of phlegm and looked at him nervously, "Your Majesty, I.." "Will you stay with me from now on?" He reached out and brushed a wisp of hair on my forehead, his eyes twinkling with tenderness, but I knew that the person he was looking at at the moment was Fuya, not me. How ridiculous, isn't Fuya me? Bitter as a spring, instantly into the heart, I opened my lips, "Your Majesty, in fact, I am." "I know, I know everything." He suddenly interrupted me to stop me from going on. What do you know? I stared at him in amazement. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, and then uttered the words in a low voice, "You are the one who prays for the stars, and I don't care.". As long as you treat me sincerely from this moment on,stainless steel tube 304, I can ignore everything. With a sad smile, I reached out to hold his hand on my left side and held it gently. I felt him trembling obviously. "Your Majesty, I will let the slave accompany you in the future. The slave doesn't want you to be lonely any more." 。 cbiesautomotive.com


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