The Return of the Condor Heroes (newly revised edition)

Xiaolongnv smiled and said, "Zhou Botong, I pricked you with these needles." The course that fights fiercely just now said briefly, ask again: "There is bee venom on my this jade bee needle, on your body difficult not sad?" "It's very comfortable,"

Xiaolongnv smiled and said, "Zhou Botong, I pricked you with these needles." The course that fights fiercely just now said briefly, ask again: "There is bee venom on my this jade bee needle, on your body difficult not sad?" "It's very comfortable," said Chou Po-hsin. "You prick me a few more times." Xiaolongnv also said that he was joking. She took out a small jade bottle from her bosom and said, "This bottle of jade honey can cure the poison of my golden needle. You can drink a little." Chou Po-tung shook his hand and said, "No, no!"! Your needles are very comfortable on your body, and they seem to be the nemesis of the poisonous spider. Xiaolongnv thought that the old urchin was talking nonsense again, but when she saw that he was not convinced, she did not force him to do so. It seemed that this strange old man's internal strength was unfathomable. Even the poisonous spider did not kill him. Naturally, it did not matter if he was hit by a jade bee needle. In fact, although the poison on the bee sting is very poisonous, it can cure many diseases, and has a magical effect on rheumatism and other diseases, so beekeepers in the world will never have rheumatism. However, both Xiaolongnv and Zhou Botong did not know the medical theory, and did not know that the Jade Bee Needle used poison to fight poison, which made the poison of the colorful snow spider disappear a lot. When the national teacher heard Zhou Botong's words outside the cave, he was full of energy, as if at ordinary times, and even more shocked, thinking to himself that this man was half an immortal? Take advantage of his vitality has not recovered, when the pain of the killer,deep draw stamping, otherwise how can there be such a good opportunity in the future. Just then he couldn't get into the cave. Even the silver and lead wheels were trapped inside. He waved Xiaolongnv's golden bell and soft rope and shouted, "Miss Dragon, I'll borrow your weapon." Shake it hard and swing the soft rope into the hole. His martial arts have been perfected, and any weapon can operate freely. Although the soft rope of Xiaolongnv is strange, he uses it as a soft whip, which makes it tigerish. The little dragon girl's heart suddenly rose. She picked up the silver and lead wheels on the ground and hit each other with a bang. "Well," she shouted, "let's change our weapons and fight." The right arm was stretched out and pushed out, and the arm suddenly felt weak and could not be pushed to the end. The diameter of the lead wheel was not big,deep draw stamping, but the weight was really not light. As soon as Xiaolongnv pushed it out, she felt powerless. She immediately retracted and protected the two wheels in front of her chest. When the national teacher saw that it was cheap, he suddenly deceived him, stretched out his long arm, and came to snatch the two wheels. Xiaolongnv took a step back and threw the silver wheel with her left hand. It was only a false move for her to throw the wheel, and with the momentum of that throw, dozens of jade bee needles had been shot out again. These jade bee needles were all taken from Zhou Botong's body, and most of the toxicity had disappeared, so it was no big deal to shoot them on his body. The national teacher had been on guard this time, and instead of picking up the silver wheel, he jumped aside, and all the dozens of jade bee needles were empty. Chou Po-tung burst out laughing and said, "Well, if this thief is bald, you can prick him with a small needle.". After a while, I'll go out and catch him and spank him. "Oh," said Little Dragon Girl, CNC machining parts ,Investment casting parts, "I've finished all my jade bee needles. There aren't any left." Stunned, Chou Po-tung scratched his head and said, "That's a bit difficult to deal with." The two of them, one old and one young, had no ingenuity at all, and when they thought of something, they said it. Jinlun Guoshi was full of resourcefulness, but he didn't know the temperament of Zhou Botong and Xiaolongnv. He didn't believe that there were people in the world who were very weak in self-abuse. He thought to himself, "You said that the Jade Bee injection was finished. How could I be fooled by this?"? He must be trying to lure me closer and shoot me with another strange method. Xiaolongnv said frankly, but the national teacher did not dare to attack rashly. In addition, he fell into the trap of Yang Guo in the cave a few days ago. Remembering the disaster of kicking the silver needle by mistake and the tragedy of Nemo Star cutting off his feet, he became serious. One consumption, two consumption, the sky is getting bright. Zhou Botong sat cross-legged to force out the remaining poison in his body with superior internal strength. But the poison of the colorful snow spider was extremely fierce. Every time he was lucky, his chest would be irritated and nauseated. From the top to the heel, every place was numb and itchy. If he was not lucky, he would have nothing to do. He even tried it three times. He sighed: "Alas, the old urchin is not fun this time!" The national teacher was peeping outside, but he didn't know that he had such difficulties. He thought to himself, "No, this old man is carrying on his internal strength!" As soon as I thought about it, I took out the gold box containing the colorful snow spiders from my bosom, lifted the lid of the box, and more than ten colorful snow spiders wriggled in the box. At that time, the morning sun was rising, and the red and green in the box were bright and dazzling. The national teacher pulled out a clip made of rhinoceros horn from the round hole beside the gold box, picked up a piece of spider silk, and threw it gently. There was a colorful snow spider on the spider silk, which stuck to the left of the cave entrance. He threw them together and released all the poisonous spiders in the box. Each spider carried a piece of spider silk and stuck it all around the hole. The poisonous spider in the box had not been fed for a long time and had been hungry for a long time. It hung east and west, forming a spider web. In less than half an hour, the mouth of the cave was covered with more than ten spider webs. Xiaolongnv and Zhou Botong were amused to see the spider's web, but they did not intervene. Later, a hole with a diameter of more than ten feet was full of spider webs, and the red and green spiders crawled back and forth on the web, only to be upset. Xiaolongnv said in a low voice, "It's a pity that I have finished the injection of the Jade Bee. Otherwise, one injection at a time will save the nuisance of these poisonous spiders crawling around in front of my eyes." Chou Po-tung picked up a dead branch and tried to pick up the cobweb. Suddenly he saw a big butterfly flying close to the entrance of the cave and was immediately stuck to the cobweb. When an insect falls into a spider's web, it must struggle for a long time, and if it is strong enough, it can destroy the web and escape. Although the butterfly's body is large, it immediately falls into a coma and does not move when it touches the spider's silk. "Don't move," cried Xiaolongnv carefully. "Spider silk is poisonous." Zhou Botong was startled and hurriedly threw down the dead branch. It turned out that the national teacher did not want to block the two men with these slender cobwebs by releasing poisonous spiders to seal the hole, but hoped that they would destroy the web, and the gossamer would fly, so that they would inevitably get one or two roots on their bodies, and the poison would enter their bodies. Xiaolongnv suddenly remembered that she had taught Yang Guo Qinggong in the ancient tomb that day. Yang Guo caught a pair of white butterflies with the "dragnet". That night, he dreamed of catching white butterflies and firmly grasped his bare feet. Thinking of these tender and warm scenes, he could not help sighing, feeling pain in his heart and tears in his eyes. Watching poisonous spiders eating butterflies, Zhou Botong was greatly interested, but felt a little hungry. He sat down cross-legged and thought, "Anyway, it's not easy for me to recover for a while. It's good to sit a little longer." But Xiaolongnv thought, "I don't know when this stalemate will end."? Don't you know if the poison on the old urchin has gone? Ask: "Do you exercise to go poison,DIN screw plug, can one day and one night be enough again?" Chou Po-tung sighed, "Not to mention one day and one night, another hundred days and one hundred nights won't work." "How can that be good?" Xiaolongnv exclaimed. 。


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