Vertical Stacking Pot in stock

Vertical Stacking Pot in stockVertical Stacking Pot in stock

Vertical Stacking Pot in stock Jinxiu, founded by Mr. Liming Zhao in 1988. In the early days, he only produce daily use plastic products. His wife, Mrs. Zhao enjoy plant some flowers and plants in her own garden. At that time most flower pots are made by ceramic. Within the weight of the soil and water, for a female, carrying the pots are very painful, and also very easy to wrecked. Mrs. Zhao sometimes use basins and buckets as flower pots, which made by his husband, but that seriously affect the beauty of the garden. So they think, how can the beauty of ceramic pots and light of plastic products combined together? Mr. Zhao injected his love to his wife into his inspiration, there the first Jinxiu plastic flower pots was born. After that, he gave up his daily use products and put his full love and creation into the flower pots. He renamed his company and brand and as Jinxiu. In Chinese, it means flowers blooming like a brocade to make the world beautiful. Now, it has been nearly 20 years since the first Jinxiu plastic flower pot. Jinxiu has developed into a leading plastic flower pots manufacturer in China. We have over 500 different designs and sizes. Especially in 2011, we take the lead in China, to make the flower pot with 100% new PP and various of beautiful colors. This material greatly improving the toughness, solved the easy wreck problem during the transportation and also the fade problem under the sun. And this material is also green and healthy. With the popular design and scientific function, Jinxiu new colorful flower pots quickly won a high domestic market share and leading the domestic trends in recent years. Since 2010, Jinxiu also start expanding its global market through international exhibitions and international B2B platform. In the short few years, we have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions. We also keep a good cooperation with some European and North American supermarket. We are try our effect to be a world-class manufacturer of plastic flower pots, to share our love and beauty to more people over the world.Vertical Stacking Pot in stock website:


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