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Optimize for visual SERPs, prioritize page experience, build topical authority, and conquer voice search in SEO.

2024 has witnessed a lot of change in the digital world. It is expected that the future of SEO will shift towards a more ethical, user-centric, technically advanced approach. With the release of ChatGPT the generative AI has seen a massive boom. Many search engines have started the trend to release their products. This tells the potential of how the user’s interactions with the search engine can transform the SEO strategy. Google tries to reward original and helpful content through various updates in its algorithm and the same can be expected in 2024. By embracing these top SEO trends of 2024, businesses can enhance their online visibility, drive organic traffic, and achieve sustainable growth in the digital marketplace with the expertise of Amigoways SEO Experts.

Google’s search engine results page is continuously evolving every single year. It is observed that the results are becoming more visual. In short, the images and videos appear more. Videos, carousels and images are among the top results in 2024 according to reports. If we are looking for a product on Google, we only see the image before the content. The same goes with google maps as well. Making use of images and videos as a part of the SEO strategy will help increase traffic and see better results than before.

Largest contentful paint (LCP, for Loading), first input delay (FID, for interactivity) and cumulative layout shift (CLS, for visual stability) are three metrics that were released by Google in 2020. These three metrics define the technical health of a page. From March 2024, it is expected that a new metric called INP (interaction to next paint) will replace the FID. Earlier, FID measured the interaction of a web page but INP will measure the responsiveness of the web page for all the user interactions, instead of just the first one. INP value has been observed for a very long time. Optimizing the website to give them the best user experience must be the top priority for 2024.

Page experience is evolving

Well-researched original and helpful content is being rewarded. Google is continuously trying to improve the user experience by giving them the best results possible. In December 2022, Google included its existing EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) guidelines. First-hand knowledge would be rewarded over the content observed. The website content should give an in-depth, comprehensive, original knowledge of the topics that we write. Websites without giving importance to these qualities have been affected. Giving importance to topical authority, and becoming the best source of information for a particular topic gains users’ trust. The reputation of authors relevant to the industry would be a credibility to the website. In a nutshell, building a topical authority by following the EAT guidelines should be the focus of 2024.

Topical authority is gaining importance

Voice search optimization, though slightly different from the traditional search method, is now witnessing an increase. According to researchers, global transactions worldwide in e-commerce purchases have been done mainly through voice assistance and this is expected to see an exponential rise by 2024. With the increase in the usage of smartphones and smart devices at home, individuals tend to purchase items using voice assistance. Websites should invest in voice search optimization. Brands will open up for this trend to increase sales. The goal is to optimize the content so that it gets easily picked up by voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana etc. Brands must focus on long-tail question-related keywords to optimize the content for voice search. It is also quintessential to perform a deep analysis on the respective search engines for different queries as we know that different search engines use different voice assistance.

Topical authority is gaining importance

It is observed that SEO practices have evolved at a greater pace in the past two years. Google has come up with more sophisticated techniques to identify the search intent and context. To address these changes, SEO specialists and marketers must look for new strategies to excel in this arena. All SEO professionals need to understand the basics of SEO: page optimization, keyword research, technical optimization, link building and so on. SEO professionals must be aware of the latest updates in the algorithm, industry trends and developments to gain knowledge and adjust their strategy. Focusing on the content and optimizing the web pages by knowing what the users will look for when they search for content and also giving them the best experience will help rank higher on SERPs.

SEO is always improving and it is dynamic. To keep up with the latest trends, techniques and methodologies, it is mandatory to keep learning. To know more about the Google guidelines officially, it is important to follow popular industry experts, digital marketing or SEO blogs. Use tracking and analytic solutions like Google Analytics, SEMRush, Ahrefs and so on to measure SEO performance. Make use of the available data for your future decisions and improve the SaaS SEO strategy. The various technical aspects like speed, mobile friendliness, structured data, etc, must be given importance. Ensure that the website is user-friendly, informative and well-understood by the search engines as well.

Topical authority is gaining importance

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